it’s not that i don’t want to…

keep this blog up and running…it’s not like i don’t wish to try to help myself, and others, by my personal experiences.

just lately been out of it…haven’t been to a proper doctors appt in ages…last time i went to my primary care she told me my issues were my choice. i had actual diagnosis and medicines prescribed in transcripts for her. bipolar? she would treat that with lamictal. that’s it. nothing for anxiety issues, nothing for my add. 

got too many factors going against me, dark undereye circles, due to anemia& heredity. even with clean piss i’m still categorized cos of the circles. i tell countless docs that both my kids have them too, even my 7 year old. then comes the tattoos. everyone knows that tattoos mean you’re a junkie. that’s sarcasm. once again clean toxicology means zero.

so i wonder why with this clean lifestyle i lead i am still categorized. not being on the correct meds is taking a toll on my personal life, school, everything. being a recluse is just getting worse. without meds i just don’t want to get out. or get calls. or go anywhere, do anything.

i have an appt for a headshrinker in june, tho it it ages away. 

let’s see what happens 


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