what to say, what to say 

not much to be writing about…im ugh and it’s not so much over my friends passing…it’s just not much to say…

trying to remember how to be a mom for more than a weekend…got my lil guy for the spring break…with the way my mood has been, i’m feeling bad that it may not go well.

faking it is only to a degree….you usually have time to be who you really are. 

what if the person you really are is quite a cunt ass bitch? i’m trying to not be so angry but i feel it more often…too much external without a hand is taxing….

missing yesterday’s walk really blew…i was looking forward to it, but i really didn’t loathe myself that much. took advantage to sleep. and sleep and then i got to sleep some more.

it’s to the point i hate sleep but what else is there to do? find a hobby, something i like to do. i know. i knit. i’m constantly knitting. which makes you kinda sleepy. i’ve enrolled in school and hoping that this certification i have decided to work for is worth it. i’m still keeping it to my own business, til i feel it is the right route for me. though i have a feeling ill excel. 

not to be cocky. i just always have loved writing and loved being published and acknowledged. years ago, i’m not sure what happened but the muse flew off…i can’t write anymore. obviously i can write, but write for reviews or interviews seems the youngsters are definitely trumping me. so i’m trying a similar genre but completely different. maybe seeing things through a different eye will be what i need to be doing.

sorry. ill let you go tonight. have a good one. remember, even if you hate it,all you got to do is fake it….


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