sadly true…

i’m trying to muster up this energy….i have my 2 eldest girls coming over for dinner & tattoo…one, may not be by blood but she’s part of me, turns 18 thursday. so she’s obviously getting a tattoo from me…well not by me…my bf got that part….

anyhow. it’s gonna be a houseful of my kids…not a thing that happens all that often…im a weekend/spring break/etc mom to the youngest.

so they’re at the store picking up last minute dinner stuff and i’m kinda not wanting to fake it. tho, i must. lately i’ve been much that of a recluse and stir crazy at the same time. how does that even happen? anyhow, i will smile and forget the seether as it’s bearing its weight on me. 

how flipping cool? cos that’s what it feels like-the veruca salt song “seether”. one of my favortist music band has the same name. where they have a song called “fake it”. where i took upon myself to call this blog by the very same name. 

thank you crazy brain of mine. for in writing i just got this super calm in my revelation. “can’t fight the seether”


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