kinda out of it

been a few days…haven’t really been in the mood.

tho, i’ve been searching facebook for pages of suicide advocacy, quotes, etc. so damn sad that there are hundreds of these pages.

looking thru pics and commentaries, i found so many stating that “no one is listening” or “no one cares”

that’s so true. unless it happens in your inner circle, where you are affected, suicide and overdoses aren’t real. or they are people who were selfish who didn’t care about anyone but themselves. 

i don’t want to say it, but just wait. if it hasn’t affected you or a loved one(whether the act or surviving) guess what? it will. will you advocate then? will you notice how fukd up it is that truly no one is listening? 

i’ve included some memes i found around my searches…please join these fb groups, they need our support too!


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