irony is a bitch with sharp teeth….

i guess i’m just still too shocked to write a longer blog…

this morning i found out a close friend of decades ago had died. i actually wanted to hear it was a car accident, or something to do with his health.

i was right on the second-his mental health. for my poor dear high school friend was found dead. seems to be self inflicted, tho this is heresay.  so i can’t 100% say it, but that’s what i know.

it’s surreal. remembered hanging out like we just hung out weeks ago. weird how your brain and heart work like that…

today’s been rough, other issues press me…i want to advocate, i want to help, but i’m not  trained for this. my mental health has been askew decades. 

i need to thank my boyfriend, natas, for being here. tolerating the mess of today and  tantrums of prior… he doesn’t deserve it and i tell him so…i just wanted to publically declare. 


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