recent chatter with young folk…

this one is harder than i thought. 

i didn’t intend on getting 2 young adults, of close age tho opposite gender, to get their point of view.

being, one was my 18 year old daughter, i was still brought to watered eyes. kinda slipped my mind that she & her sister phoned the police, in early high school, when their friend suggested harming himself. which floored me, cos i had forgotten, but i was in YAY MOMMY taught her young ones well.

tho i was still in shock over the suicide convo from the night before still had me in awe.

“those kids are drama whores. looking for attention.(sic)”

it got kinda blurry after that cos i just got filled with sad. 

YES. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. it’s not a test. it’s not to wait out. talking about, cutting, talking about cutting, these kids need help RIGHT THERE to STOP IT FROM BEING THE MIDLIFE PERSON WITH THAT BEHAVIOR. 

what a cut is not good. yes, that’s a lie. that one or several superficial cuts can shut up your mind. hurting to remember how to feel. no, that’s still not a teenagers response to cutting but one of my fellow wordpress homegirl. a 40 year old mother who lives like this. would you know it? no…she’s hella good at faking it.

that’s why i write this blog. even if my interweb person, i believe, if one person would’ve looked out that it earlier on in life, she was out of control. sadly, i didn’t know her then, but i do now. they, like i, are lucky she’s still alive though. 

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