suicide, a sure fire ticket to hell?

no. of course i’m going to tell you why. if you don’t dig it, sorry. doesn’t leave a sour taste in the mouths of the victims left behind.

sure, many of our religious beliefs saying taking a life is wrong, so taking your own, is just as bad. once again, no. 

this is my own personal opinions, that’s why i write it. you don’t concur? you don’t have to, but you can maybe see a new view.

people escape death daily, some others not as lucky. you’re driving along, jamming out to a song and BAM-your car is smashed into, causing you to die on the spot. same scenario, but this time you walk away, shaken but alive. other example, you have a major heart attack, get seen in time and survive. scenario b-you die.

so what am i trying to say with that? everyday people attempt suicide, some are saved, some aren’t. why would anyone condemned to their “own hells and demons”(enough to want to end their lives) be damned?

these folks have been damned pretty much their whole lives, or a good majority. you don’t wake up from a great nights sleep, in a comfy bed, to a coffee already brewing to greet you, a day ahead of family and friends and overall happiness and decide that life is too hard. 

really? you really can’t say just because you’re monetarily comfortable, have a home, family, etc, would lead anyone with a right mind to leave it behind. what you do know is the lives these people have been faking so that they (and us) are more comforted, tolerated, not have their insides match their outsides. 

so that’s where i draw my line of anyone who thinks a person already living in hell on earth, deserves nothing more but continued brimstone. last i checked most religions welcome the poor, the humble, the mentally unwell. if suicide is attempted and plans are fouled, they are found or decide against it, it simply wasn’t their day to die. if they succeed, yea, that was their day to die. albeit they may have a little more control but realistically one NEVER knows when it’s coming.

stop judging. stop hating. kill the stigma. if there wasn’t this dark cloud of hate, maybe the suicidal person, would have to think about or even dispel the thought.

can’t recall loosing anyone i knew(cept kurt cobain, and he was just my golden grunge god) to have killed themselves. i’ve known quite a few accidental overdoses on drugs that led to death. i find myself clumping them in with the same group. some people can snort lines of coke all day and party like it’s no ones business. that someone’s friend can insulflate just a bit up their nose and they are in cardiac arrest. is it luck? is it becoming resistant? who the fuk knows? all we can know joe a., lives his little party life while joe b, just overdosed and died. usually not intentionally. usually not a suicidal cry, just usually a body saying”no more, i can’t.”

open your eyes world, please. 22 veterans kill them selves every single day. that’s just veterans. that’s still way too many. my veteran blog will be coming soon, but for right now, ponder that shit. to add more to your noggin, suicide is the second largest killer of kids/young adults ages 10-24.

don’t pretend you don’t know anyone. cause you probably know more than one. one of us who saw no light, no tunnel, just black. help pick us up instead of hiding YOUR embarrassment. 

#fakeitjournal #walkforsuicideawareness #riseabove #seether #semicolontattoos #awarenotignorant #afsp #americanfoundationforsuicideprevention 


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