article of seether’s frontmans personal journey

i found this article on it deals with why seether wrote “rise above this” and created their own advocacy fest–rise above fest every year…what is below is directly quoted from the article. thank you

Frontman Shaun Morgan wrote this enduring song about his late brother Eugene before his tragic death in August 2007. Eugene committed suicide by jumping from the window of the Radisson Hotel in Rapid City, South Dakota. Morgan explained on his band’s website: “I used to think more about what the fans thought, but ultimately I wound up stunting myself creatively. The point of being a musician and writing music and being in a band is that I can write an optimistic-feeling, accessible song if I want. Even though it wasn’t written about an optimistic experience, I opted to see a positive in the situation. Rather than my usual reaction, which would be to get all piss-y and moan-y about it.”

In our interview with Shaun Morgan, he told us that this song was written slightly before his brother’s suicide. “It was about an attempt that he had made on his own life,” Morgan explained. “The idea was to write a song that if I could play it to him, that it would make him feel better. And unfortunately I never got a chance to play it for him. So it was written just before, like a couple of weeks prior to him dying.”
When we asked Shaun if he thought his brother might really take his own life, he replied: “I never thought that it was a serious attempt. I thought the first time that it was an accidental thing. So I don’t think that I, in my mind, thought that it was something that would be repeated. I didn’t at all think that he was serious about it. I just wanted to write something to let him know that I cared about him.”
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