why “fake it journals”?

disclaimer—-hel is not a doctor, i’m not certified for anything but completing a coding and medical office class. Please, unless noted in quotation, is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. don’t sue me, i don’t know dookie but the stuff in my head. that i’m deciding to share up until the suicide walk this upcoming April. 
so back to the query at hand. why “fake it journals”… because it’s fact. nothing is real anymore. everything belongs to everyone and moreso, everyone has a say. positive, negative, whatever everyone else is feeling. 

i’ve noticed in my lifetime that there is definitely fake hel and hel. most of the time you’re talking to me it’s fake it hel. sorry, no offense. if you wish to talk or communicate with me that’s my autodefense.  actually thought i was the only person with the fake it for the fuk of it attitude when it turns out there’s a shit ton(you could probably admit to it because if shits gotta get done-as much as you loathe being there, but are there anyway? yea, you faked it) 

a lot of people are hurting in silence faking it. some, like me, a coping mechanism. others, can’t fight it as much or as hard. 

you NEVER know what anyone is thinking or feeling even if they are the closest person to you. that’s why when you hear of a suicide, no one saw it coming. everyone is shocked. 

why aren’t hotlines? websites? online chats for those in feeling that death is better than what they are going through? 

why isn’t THE NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE 1-800-273-8255 well known


what else can we offer? how can we help? EDUCATE. it’s not an embarrassment or to be ashamed of.

i won’t lie, my suicide research goes no further than a psychiatrist from 1958, by the name of Erwin Ringel. He proposed the 3 stages of the process of the suicidal thinker. i haven’t read anything to descredit it, and i personally believe in it. at my lowest, i never got to stage 3. i’m thankful that i can talk about it. 

oh, back to erwin ringel’s stages:

stage one is person feels lifeless, suicide ideation 

stage two-suicide thoughts increase, cutting (slight/numerous), increased possibility of crying for help 

stage three–making plans(writing notes) deciding the instrument, locale. 

be an advocate, join team “fake it journals” if you can’t walk, donate, thank you!


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